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My address is also the adderss for the delivery and invoice:

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Dear Sirs,

I order here definitely the translation. (*)
I know your price of translation of the concepts.
language of the original document:

1. Concept:3,02 EUR
2. Concept:3,02 EUR
3. Concept:3,02 EUR
4. Concept:3,02 EUR
5. Concept:3,02 EUR
6. Concept:3,02 EUR
7. Concept:3,02 EUR
8. Concept:3,02 EUR
9. Concept:3,02 EUR
10. Concept:3,02 EUR
My reference: (*)
Date of delivery:
Please send me your confirmation of order by email.
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Method of payment

The invoice should be sent to me in the same way as the delivery of the translation and I will pay within 8 days. 3,02 EUR will be charged for every concept plus added value tax and the minimal order value is 6,04 EUR.
Please mail me more information and your prices.
Your information will be kept confidentially by us and will not be given further to others.

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